Team 5X5 - A Local Connection with AJ Dillon

Our local LiveX team in Green Bay enjoyed the opportunity to turn Kroll's West, a family bar and restaurant next to Lambeau Field, into a live production space. Featuring Packers running back A.J. Dillon, US Cellular hosted a night for local connections. Working with Team 5x5, LiveX helped create an engaging event and live stream in this intimate, familiar space.

The evening was hosted by the Green Bay Packers Radio Network's Shanna Quinn, who interviewed A.J. Dillon. Both fans in the restaurant and at home asked AJ questions. This was facilitated by LiveX's stage and show management, and featured an all-Green Bay team, tapping local camera and audio crews.

LiveX supported in-room sound reinforcement and a broadcast audio mix. By treating the restaurant like a film set, great lighting and camera placement made the otherwise tight space feel large and cinematic.

Behind the Scenes


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