Starfish - Gamer controlled interactive

LiveX partnered with Starfish and Madwell to produce this Shorty Award-winning, six camera Twitch stream where viewers at home could vote to control the actions and outcome of the show for a Verizon + Xbox activation.

LiveX designed a custom wireless Go Pro Vest for the gamer, AverageJonas, to capture his first person point of view as he explored multiple Xbox and Verizon inspired rooms with an NPC by his side.

We also placed five additional cameras in each of the rooms to show off the different scenarios AverageJonas faced. In each scenario, it was truly up to the comment section of Twitch to vote on what happened next. LiveX was ready to switch graphics and cue sound effects on the fly based on the choices the viewers made. 

The campaign smashed impressions and engagement benchmarks. The stream was #2 in the US and #11 globally on Twitch that day, and Verizon’s #1 most engaged Twitch stream ever and nearly doubled projected benchmarks for total engagement and concurrent views.

Behind the Scenes

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