Matte Projects - Marc Jacobs Fall 2022

In partnership with Matte Projects, LiveX produced and directed a switch and encode of the Marc Jacobs Fall 2022 fashion show at the historic New York Public Library at Bryant Park.

As the collection came to life draped over the models that glided through NYPL’s Astor Hall, the show itself was injected into the lives of New Yorkers and tourists alike in the heart of Times Square. One Times Square Tower and Times Square Takeover billboards broadcasted the show via capture of an encode to LiveX Platform, along with a live stream to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

The use of VVCR allowed for our on-site team to send a stream up into the cloud and give our remote Green Bay encoding team the ability to handle the advanced decode and push to multiple platforms with ease and low latency. 

Behind the Scenes

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