SharkNinja's Live Master Class with Chris Appleton

SharkNinja approached LiveX for a true glass-to-glass production that encompassed high-polish capture and distribution to a wide range of platforms.

LiveX streamed an exclusive live master class from LUME Studios to SharkNinja’s socials, website, and live to a massive Times Square billboard. SharkNinja wanted to go a step further by streaming to celebrity stylist Chris Appleton’s social media accounts. LiveX helped multiply the reach of the in-person audience across all of these platforms.

LiveX camera operators captured the perspective from the audience and got close-ups of the styling products. Multiple technical directors switched the same live show with multiple aspect ratios for different platforms. Then, we provided SharkNinja with embed codes, direct social streams, and coordinated with the OutFront Billboard team for a real-time stream to a huge Times Square billboard known as “The Beast.”

LiveX served as a one-stop shop for this wide range of services, keeping the experience for SharkNinja simple while reaching a huge audience.

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